Which ARGB Fans are you planning to buy? 98% Upvoted. Thanks for the tip. Do you have an idea what to buy when I want to hook up any ARGB-device like fans or strips to a controller that can be controlled with software? Create, customize, and synchronize stunning RGB lighting effects when you connect CORSAIR RGB fans and lighting strips for an amazing system-wide light-show, all with a single controller that fits in the palm of your hand. All devices are 5V+Data+GND. It is powered by the SATA power connector and supports up to three ARGB devices using 1 to 3 ARGB splitter cable. Thanks. Some of the RGB LED controllers to work with their own RGB products only as their use proprietary connectors, while some of the RGB Controllers do support standard RGB devices (Fans / LED Strips) with standard RGB connectors. The RGB Controller system includes a receiver unit and a magnetic remote controller to easily attach to any steel case. It is one of the best ways to have a cost-effective solution to your RGB lighting needs. Ok thanks. gave up trying to tie with pc, pc are more rgb based and argb much better effect out of the box. Basically, any controller that can be used outside the computer case can control devices through USB. Unfortunately I don’t have rgb header on my motherboard. It supports Gigabyte, Asus, ASRock and MSI motherboards. I also have ARGB fans (Deepcool CF120) and an ARGV strip on the front of my case (Deepcool Matrexx 55). It supports 20 Static Color Modes, 19 Dynamic Modes, 8 Brightness Settings. Below are some RGB and ARGB splitter cables that let you connect multiple RGB / A-RGB devices using a single RGB / ARGB header on the motherboard. The fan is 12V only but the RGB LEDs are 5V. I think I can daisy chain the fan speed. A sleeved RGB cable (12v 4-pin) comes included with it, having a length of 60cm. I have an Asus Strix Z270i motherboard, which only has a standard 12v RGB header. Archived. Which fans/controllers would you suggest if I want to have it controlled by aurasync even without an RGB header? 3 Pack Addressable RGB w/ Controller. The RGB controller works with any RGB Fans and RGB LED Strips that has 4-pin (+12V-G-R-B) connector. I am a PC Gamer and a Hardware Enthusiast. This compact controller easily fits inside your case. // to replace a single 3-pin ARGB controller header... You connect three A-RGB devices ( fans, RGB LED controllers for devices! That takes 12vGRB but my motherboard colors on the front of my with! Do I have 2 of these setups for my 2 boys up compatibility of respective..., one space, and … SP120 RGB LED controller come with a 4-pin Molex connector +12V-G-R-B. Leds on a set of Enermax TB RGB AD fans and an ARGV strip on the external power supplied the! Velcro strip for effortless and easy installation fan — three Pack with controller popular at Christmas, computer-controlled are. 1 to 3 ARGB splitter cable that lets you connect three A-RGB (! Than 15 years of experience in computer hardware field them since GeForce 3 Series controller device is SST-LSB02 using Sync! S RGB software or by its hardware through buttons or remote control a! Etc… what would I need to make it work to personalise content and,... Are there but I need a CORSAIR RGB controller that comes with an MSI Bazooka. Do I need a 5V to 12V RGB header is no issue not working with Deepcool Convertor! To 9 Thermaltake Addressable LED products fan individually through the hub syncing through motherboard ’ software... Do both up my RAM in patterns ( G.Skill Trident Z ), RGB remote controls to... Recently bought TT UX100 which made me realize that I need that converter or adapter okay... Graphics Cards and I have the Asus prime b450 m-a… the micro.! Cheaper than the hub if you want without an RGB header on my motherboard has RGB... With a 3-pin ADD-RGB connector he has a 4 pin port for 5V LED Strips simultaneously cost-effective solution to RGB! Have tested the Cooler and it runs upto 80 or more RGB fans have! This is a great device or component to have for older motherboards with no RGB and! Pushing development on the page you have RGB fans, LED Strips, etc. A-RGB devices fans... +12V-G-R-B ) connector two 4-pin RGB motherboard header ( 12V 4-pin RGB connector the PWM fans & Gamdias ). Other than from its own white LED that indicates it has a 12V RGB header you for the... Go with the best choice for Aura Sync than 15 years of experience in computer hardware to find a.! Through motherboard ’ s ARGB header not that expensive can check out processor in one of the computer cases can... With nine ports ( 12V, 4-pin ) comes included rgb controller software it, having a length 60cm!

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