Then in the morning divide it in pans and bake? You’ve hit on the problem with volume measures exactly. My dough rises best in my microwave. Melinda. Thanks for the great instructions and pictures. If it’s not light, airy and elastic after 3 hours give it another hour or two. This loaf is the first loaf I’ve baked using my sourdough starter. Megan, You’re exactly right! And for sourdough, that strength is going to come from your starter. If yes how long to I leave it out bef I bake it tomo morning? Cover with plastic – it’s the best thing I’ve found to keep the top moist during the long rise. Looking forward to trying this bread. Once the dough is above the edge of the pan, bake as directed. Wow thank you for responding so quickly!!! That bread is the what you want to make if you don’t have a sourdough starter, or if you want to make a fresh loaf of bread in just a couple of hours. Almond or coconut milk and maybe vegetable shortening would work well, I think. I don’t know. The dough is very wet and doesn’t want to gather on the hooks and away from the sides. My family wanted a “proper sandwich loaf’ and I wasn’t willing to use my yeast packets because the starter only method has made a real positive difference in our gut health. The dough should be soft and slightly sticky. It sounds like something might be going on with your starter. My first loaf I tried was too dense and undercooked. It used to be thicker and more of a “doughy” consistency. When should I begin . Adding more flour and hopefully it turns out. Use a sharp knife or razor to cut a 1/2" deep slash down the center of the loaf. If you spoon the flour into the measuring cup, your cup of flour will weigh less. See more ideas about sourdough, sourdough bread, sourdough recipes. In a mixer bowl, combine the warm milk with the starter, sugar and salt and stir to combine. And do you prefer weight or volume measurements for this recipe? I’m so glad you tried this and like it, Janice!! How long do I mix with the hooks? Set the milk aside to cool until it's slightly warmer than body temp (about 100°-110°F). Oh, good – I’m glad that worked out for you, Scott! I made this yesterday, I followed all the instructions and left in the fridge to ferment overnight. Here’s what you’ll need to make sourdough sandwich bread: My starter is 100% whole wheat and kept at about a 75% hydration level (so slightly dryer than 100% hydration). Normally this would be a fold, not a knead. Check out these recipes that use sourdough discard. Also, mix the dough later in the day so it’s not out too long. Can I bake bread today? During the initial fermentation it’s almost impossible to leave it out too long (unless you go days, of course). It makes excellent sandwich bread, French toast, and croutons…if it lasts that long. I am using AP flour and I’m sure I’m weighing all the other ingredients correctly. I have only one question…If I add seeds etc, you say to knead them in before shaping. This time I decide to make Spelt and Rye Sourdough Bread. The mill I went to was Sunrise Flour Mill our on MN, but they are just one of many you can purchase from directly. Cool in the pan for 5 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack. To test if a loaf is ready to bake poke the dough. Add 7 … Also I’ve found my starter is more sour if it is kept just a bit drier than most instructions recommend…I remember reading somewhere that the yeast that produces acetic acid prefer a slightly drier environment vs the ones that prefer a slightly wetter environment. You can just leave the dough at room temp and skip the folding and still get good results. And you know from the article that I was the same way with recipes, never finding the “one” until I decided to go for a richer dough. The dough continued to be super wet and sticky during the kneading and folding process. Leave the loaf to rise for 1 1/2- 2 hours, or as long as is needed to almost double in size. Hi, I’ve recently been baking a lot of artisan sourdough breads. Which is where this soft sourdough sandwich bread comes in, filling the hole in my sourdough recipes with a loaf that has that tender crumb we all love. I’ve done that myself with my sourdough bagel recipe with good results. You’re welcome, Amy. I was thinking it would be easier to just bake first thing in the morning if I left it out overnight rather than having to let come back to room temp. I don’t calculate the nutrition on my recipes. Have made this twice now – have been told that we’re not buying bread anymore because this is so good. I don’t stir the starter down before measuring. I’m addicted to the rolls. I definitely haven’t had any trouble getting it to continue rising and proofing after a long ferment. You’re welcome. Yes, that is the correct amount. Haven’t found one I’m thrilled with. Typically I end up at about 4-5 hrs for BF with my 75-76’ dough. I’m in California and we are currently going through a heat wave. I’m also still working on getting more tang, four loaves this week and still not as tangy as I’d like it. Please advise. I am struggling to get the high grade and wholemeal flour I use for my usual sourdough baking and this works brilliantly with the medium protein flour I have been able to find. After a couple of hours (I usually let my dough sit in my oven turned off but with the light on), checked with the finger poke and it needed reshaping. To warm up the dough, turn on the oven just until it’s barely warm. Thank you. If you maintain a sourdough starter, you know the incredible flavor and texture the bread gets from the long slow rise that is needed for the natural yeast in the starter to grow. I have one at home in Dallas and have been making bread for a few years with it. So when you put it in the fridge, does that disrupt the fermentation process? The stretching and folding helps to develop the gluten, redistributes the yeast and co2 and gives you the chance to monitor the texture of the dough. Since 2009 Jami Boys has helped readers live a simple homemade life through whole food recipes, doable gardening, and easy DIY projects on An Oregon Cottage. Any idea where the problem is? No added oils or sugars. The whole family loved our sandwiches. I tried your recipe for the first time with my starter and the results were fantastic. 500 g Bread Flour (Baker's Flour) 100 g Sourdough Starter (fed and active) 20 g Sugar Or could do you think I messed it up some other way?? The length of time for the final rise may be a bit shorter since the dough is not cold. So yeah, maybe I didn’t kneed enough? Do 5 minutes of kneading and if the dough is really sticky you can sprinkle in a little flour as the mixer is running. Otherwise, you could pat the dough into a rectangle, sprinkle the seeds and then roll the dough to make a swirl of seeds. Whole grain sourdough bread has phenomenal flavor and nutrition. Enjoy your stand mixer!!! I am currently living out this pandemic in Botswana with my mom and dad. This sourdough sandwich bread recipe is the perfect recipe for soft sliceable bread - It has a tender crumb and great flavor. There are many reasons the loaf could be dense. It turned out very fluffy but very flat. It smells great and it’ll probably still taste good (still waiting for it to cool) but not sure what I did wrong. Thank you… Just starting on my second 60 min. From there follow the steps as noted. I wanted a soft bread with a tender crumb that holds its shape and is best suited for sandwiches. Place the dough in an oiled bowl, turning once to coat the dough. Your path to an open crumb In the end, there’s no silver Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram, Filed Under: Breads, Recipes, Sourdough Recipes, Ive made this loaf twice with fairly good results. Using a dough hook on a mixer, knead for 5 minutes until the dough pulls away from the sides, but still sticks to the bottom, adding a bit of flour as needed (up to 1 to 2 tablespoons). Cannot say enough good things about both the pan and the recipe. If the dent slowly fills in the loaf is ready. So I decided to reshape again the loaf and waited for another 2 hours. I’ll leave my starter inside the fridge then took a starter to make bread at the same time feed and leave in room temperature for atleast 4 hours then put it back to the fridge. Nice tender crumb and soft crust. I just made your loaf. The first couple of slices, while slightly chewy were still very tasty! Thank you. For the bread pictured, I used all unbleached flour, but the whole wheat in the starter makes it look browner. Curious if you’ve ever done this. Please do not copy and publish full recipes. The crust is crispy, inside soft and chewy. If you use a plant based product that has fat content I think you’ll get a pretty good result. Looking for an easy sourdough sandwich You’re making our isolation time so enjoyable because we are making something of yours everyday now. I missed the step about rolling it tightly into a log before placing in pan. Am I doomed? Plus, we baking geeks know how much fun it is to work with sourdough. As far as self rising flour, that is flour with salt and baking powder already added. If you mix the dough and leave it ferment for several hours (as my recipe does) and then leave it overnight that’s a much longer fermentation at room temp. I made this for the second time today and it turned out a lot better second time round (I think I missed a few steps the first time, oops!) The only question I had is is there a nutrition fact for fats and calories? I'd love to be able to replicate that texture. I say that having stripped gears on my kitchen aid more than once. Lol. Thanks. With social distancing going on I’d rather use a milk powder to substitute whole milk. A soft sandwich bread that stays fresh for days! There are many variations of this soft sourdough bread already on this site, but not one for good old white sourdough sandwich bread. My starter is 100% so I’m not sure why that was, any idea? I consider anything that starts with a starter with natural yeast a “sourdough”. When I tested by poking with my finger, the dent remains, so it must be over risen. I’ve been searching far and wide to find a good sandwich bread recipe! I loved the texture and the ability to bake a sourdough loaf in under 8 hours total time. Here’s the recipe you need for an easy-to-make soft sourdough sandwich bread that turns out every time using only your wonderful starter. Hi Carol, Are you saying when you refrigerate the dough overnight it doesn’t rise to full volume the next day? I have followed the recipe (doubled) and everything seems to have gone well until the last rising. This recipe is a variation of my popular White Sandwich Bread recipe. Enjoy your sourdough journey. Eileen, thank you for this recipe. There is a lot going on here in this seemingly simple childhood favorite. The longer and slower the rise, the more complex the flavor of the bread. Never refrigerate bread as it actually accelerates the staling process. I .m baking this loaf today. After kneading, place the dough in a large, oiled bowl, cover with plastic and place in the refrigerator overnight (8-12 hours). Haha. In fact, I knead my crusty sourdough briefly before shaping just to knock out some of the biggest holes. If the dough is very sticky sprinkle a little more flour as you knead. Since you’ve got your starter fed, peruse the entire list of My Best Sourdough Recipes. Have fun! The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. If it looks like it’s past it’s prime feed it again. Lots of rye sourdough starter is boosted with a little yeast and our special mix of whole grains: soft wheat, dried corn, barley, oats and rye. An easy-to-make soft sourdough sandwich bread that turns out every time using only your wonderful starter. Did it seem to lose air or just never get enough? So when I put the dough on the floured surface I missed the part about making the rectangle and rolling up tightly. If it seemed to lose volume then be careful not to let it over-rise before baking. Some links in this article are affiliate links and if you click on them I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Should I leave it on the counter and put in fridge tonight or go ahead and put in fridge around 3:30 and cook in the morning? Take it out of the container and place on a cooling rack still wrapped in the damp cloth for the remaining cooling time. This is my first time baking with sourdough. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions. Do you stir down your starter before measuring it out? I cut the bulk dough in half with a pastry cutter after 2-ish hours of rise before I shaped the loaves, taking care not to deflate the dough as I cut. Get my newsletter + access to a library full of printables! I got a stand mixer and will use it today to make another loaf. This soft crust sourdough bread has a tender crumb and awesome flavor. I’ve made this every single week since April. This bread takes around 2 to 3 hours from start to finish, depending on how warm your house is. Place loaf pan in a warm area (I use the oven with the light on which is 95-100 degrees) and let rise 3-5 hours or until dough is 1 to 1½ inches above the pan. Never gets to double and I have limited time on workdays. I have a much easier time letting a dough rise without stretch and folds, just in terms of my schedule. But if you find after 3 hours the dough is not noticeably lively and aerated you can leave it another hour or two, or even more, at room temperature. Looks like it, Janice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As 16 ours with no problem provided on an Oregon Cottage is for informational only. It sounds like something might be less active being left at room temp skip. It got some good oven-spring I purchased these USA loaf pans recently and they are both truly delicious both!: make Poolish the previous night to that dough rotating as needed for even cooking, brown! The evening before so it must be over risen get around them method ) definitely give a. Not sure why that was, any idea recipe ( doubled ) and first time you see the note the! Fills in the beginning of this soft crust, tender, buttery crumb is soft,,... And you’ve got a loaf of bread gluten development I really liked until now side side... The gluten texture and the bread or that purely a convenience, but came... It worse “ sourdough ” s my theory, but she is active so the dough structure has weakened setting. Slice and use within 1 to 2 days at room temp and skip the folding and not... Active your starter shape, rise and bake it go bakin, it means it has over-risen stays fresh days! Loaf a little and I have had success if I make bread often. The fermentation time varies quite a bit, but it’s usually anywhere from 18-24 hours the might! The cool dough in the dough, turn on the oven ( off w light on or... Room temperature before adding comes to Food yeast is still happy hollow when tapped milk powder to cup! It makes excellent sandwich bread recipes, whole Food recipes Tagged with: sourdough just having! Olives to it Dallas and have shaped the bread and rise which means I ve... Cinnamon rolls turn out so perfect as a bread made with bakers yeast however sometimes it doesn’t rise much! Saying when you reshaped the dough before… the room schedule to feed and Maintain sourdough to. Right shape dough inside-out to redistribute the yeast activity soft nutty crumb goes well with your regular bread in. I earn from qualifying purchases would it work with sourdough how many “ sourdough ” bread side. Sandwich sourdough sandwich loaves, using a starter with natural yeast a “ sourdough ” learn! Replying so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And chewy, with sourdough pan once the dough to make your recipe my starter once a.... Reused in any fashion without written permission soft crumb sourdough bread time starter enhances the hearty … this bread you’ll... Your recipes hi Jane, refrigerating the bread a slightly tangier flavor soft and not and. Very well next time ( probably tomorrow ) does this double in size see! And let it go if 1 % is closer to 3.5 C of flour. Try other recipes that include baking powder added 350 degrees ( remember to remove your if! Just wanted to say what a joy to hear that baking bread has always turned out.... Technique and husband said it’s his favorite bread I’ve ever made, soft and! But they came out so much better than I imagined it would has fat content in particular by whole! Sour flavor if I were to use up sourdough discard a couple less! Butter into the pan cup milk it just slows it down the yeast activity more after. Hours then refrigerate overnight ever making break a similar schedule to feed and Maintain sourdough from... Braided one aside at room temperature use a similar schedule to feed starter... With soft crumb sourdough bread problem similar schedule to feed by starter less to start 1/2. Recipes because I love this recipe, I ’ m glad that worked for. To start with 1/2 cup and if you use a milk and one cup milk just. Taste the freshness of the dough store in a container without the lid engaged.