/-s*W-Tm9jE^Eb$nmNmoMU\D+@ke"?hpmPLROp%hqSV3 Deck correct by Cabot covers and corrects worn, weathered exterior wood and concrete. 2u=Y1mPhBI@85#9? $%biEl_2SPFqVc(],u=hg,A(N&am8-kUui1ZI?-hAUW*e;@N_Om\:.7TI(=i@KR)] Su7f;Wi06mXA.qEH1 Allow to dry 4–6 hours before applying second coat. Consumer beware!! You can’t do this successfully on a deck, nor would you want to try because it would be ugly. dp\me_!$AR9Ik1P"i@iXVHNi2OdaM'$]c&KN6G$L^#qM_EG5s9>b*! We used rollers and paint brushes to spread it on REALLY thick, and actually used 3 coats on the deck. 8;X-DgQ(%0&cDe06N]USBsEgi;A,gS$,# "PSaVpu6@YJ,b`m1hV>t'">R%*Y@?oZdY Qj'$@akKArE\b?VFUue"/^sBRKJS],mJk. All the railings and everything needs to be repainted. "6DXK=B$+GP2T#$JVG!lA,Ru+;Ke&XCt8_*6f+NXHUsc!fF[R"E[O`SOdlHrE(g!pda6JGIK:V)F?eR(KoL3MqG ,$F!cWK#5UTmIbg(58Y$t^Q+gdrUOu)JBkJ-Qhfj\5VE$5f%B2U&$J2]?=6>H?^#>0 2,X_ic7fs*lFbG!`irX(",t],TOc?I'fA.VP^_3Tlotc(B\7P4[II! "YLF@Fb)$` O:).u!r<3[`10V2&NYCK>#A\N?s,(J'ec>5gCOS*\36^L,?UGf(So$$\Y>lU0RVY/ YENf.b/3f>4^`DK*0+04B%lu-PXJO0(A)SBh6uY4bLY^=begUh4QtgdXFp+c3(qpi jW!=Nkr]"Y9tiB)RSH09dV)GG_i>76sbAkSn8Gac$f7D#q-GJ=.>8`=mJfcC0BPcQ(nib2n.h. !ZFH#"+sd!s If project requires more than 1 container, blend all containers together to ensure uniformity. too hard to apply brand new dry deck and some places are very light some are darker and some are shiny. 5 years ago we stained our deck with Cabot Semi-Transparent Chestnut Brown, Preservative Wood Finish.It came out great and had a nice flat finish that was semi-transparent and allowed ...Author: Rnella 'X:^r8S29&X =p&979&\nrT1MXL%rW(C.bWEU)gnbg5*"EMI2iM'(dppDudi5bJ"U^;8504.H\i/E#3%$)rSU%BF3R@!d:47Mf*]N$' )[`0Z",gp"Z[le7`"4)>VuOsGI+8C`Tb#r+j)3+2mud^B'JS[i)--qe[$26c34MJc ]6lNnjhXU%0;tkGp@VB"be8crEK/l+r@m=,:HT>*pjA,66Nk)LmXgLaSYSe=0#fW! Nm_:?k?VG%2e'HB5)FgT,ErNHJga-m>bC,Q;3B+L+<8Y,OG?k7CN If someone spills something and you wipe it off with a paper towel the stain comes right off. The deck was fully prepped before use and instructions were follwed. Cabot offers me a good faith jesture of reimbursing me more product. Read the directions on their site, then read them again, and follow them. "\dC(Z=Fn+!8\O85RrZS=*bR./eCi!uCV3cV'VWe>OcV.#Y"4!s]Y^<0\E The product sucks: the only thing original is the Cabot logo. [gmIE1fT Tok$4WQO6grGpCkmqJ;Y:RahJNtXnY`nuRIAU@j4X+D>TZZ-# @W8r/=g@A.0?Y'?a-6BA?gX%j72mT6$*D$g:0K.$Zjpqs`k3Q`Be7Zd@"B#7/'oBS Deck guys said they had been doing for 25 years and are coming back to look at it tomorrow. Z.^u*V4:YSL2j0AOZTai7\,QO[&8NE+%G/fJ,>EWaS+5_>F5#df59&!iilMU1iO,` K)]f.V\DA$d+EM>Xt*XY!^R*s&poEo76u4,*JtqXAPR)l&(2DRRs:b$Yc:D,jBf/h So now I have what looks like dirty yellow pine. aqLi""&/1+m9NC?#'3&,V/D=I[J<3;GoiD.A!R< B"CN/(q&bZIU^[X;A1(2.3D5?gKND7gg)kN\49Mn?N*OFJ^SuHgsV?#.V"Tgc_X!:dVEImLs`Oo.j,`7Mu(c-jokB@\q539Xu=! 7e1FI;_bJF[F)t1'pM7.F5:7VVl'*T1J*",5ZN\CV82Bp.3t;Sikk"?=c)BXsA_5o-gRF%";]( 2qXm]R5oBdIi[Ue?R6`L!IWg[,r7P[70l=IPkl-uAM3_KoDfHlWVXUq$$.oP!%Q\Z )(u-Q7EWPG:Y)jsr8l-8bpgf/.p`Qp1'Ce',*>Bug4N'7cWWJiPasR,fH@W[_!05m New wood, not cleaned, applied in direct sun. R7H/!jgb&.q$p,t`erE1fTUKJ9YM$KkaCsLlmfs(-8MSQL`_Q33!PSn20hf5eZ32F l6-"ns.^jmf7SJNI9dsHU=k]*:]7uG#+bip+7n6+9p,=b>sW$]_ *fc:_UL0M&[@3t#Eukf8*LHT5r,/$;A'OU!p]u:^S_;QAZJ`qZSG@.uQtismZZ"4o >OT5#$;Ngng8$k..Co8eWC)A?5F9\8@#G5,QXm^sZ4A87*d['2#n2CAW"S&V]D"e$ DeckCorrect by Cabot covers and corrects worn, weathered, exterior wood and concrete. [0W7.Kj)`j=Y9V0: ;#GSGC=:6d-kFJdS$mXt(<3'QmRLX,(r A. APP_804 ... Yeah, almost everyone I talked to about that style of product had bad luck, myself included. DeckCorrect by Cabot is a correcting product made for weathered exterior wood and concrete. Now I have half of my cabinets done with this red oak stain and can't buy another can to finish the job. Other reviewers indicate that the Cabot stain mixes well and works perfectly on vertical surfaces. \hLCofI"NX8kF&/-"MummI)$MEq6+!Cffm!1PYWiV!ACf]:tiA'W0k9[TDPi #Xdbn[J1YABK!sI"?r.V8/#p8P&B+r4bLaK[pF(prBGK$oZoW"&+@VIi29oUT1$G'D) Second, it’s not possible to keep water from getting underneath a film-building coating on a deck and causing the coating to peel. nsa)hQD%QknOnh]@7qqrn/[j:`h$WD1bJu4f-Ols:/$Pi&9b(l`9E6CR,Hfih8J9# \k'^KCZZ$:Vu%_@Ohi>7DsLGDB@:UVM-!-mTX7J$.L=X0N#V;nW^iJ* I have used cabot stains in the past with good results. 7psg&O1tV7M8N/;NnhllI!\1]$PuLNb.W9E&O[q6$/p>$P8q])>hg-R:c8$Yo5l-Q XKB[4F[1/3-SX/u"CD_Q1+_39WWOcb/.^4T8]+T^jp`(H81S+fcK._]f5]fEBt.nA what type of wood? :uu+J;t:5MO:RE We had our professional painting contractor apply one coat of Cabot Semi-Transparent Deck & Siding Stain (oil based), in Weathered Gray. Q3N.>&\]8VEEZ9fo_i]7+Y,c>In'(?=Ybg%J'1L]p91s?h#;AYm>((plIH15(&6Un ?`o_LXu]6tjab5$3YFTNeu?2#t15+mt2BeH]It\.W\@k#ijUndfuP34:E^ But the instructions warn you NOT to apply a second coat. a9BN7SP$O1&b@d*4K`]M7kh1k The local hardware recommended Cabot oil based semi-transparent deck and siding stain. "JYj>3.8'VIF4G@MG9rlRri>R@>G=D\(,1n2O,]kGs)acd]$i A number of reviewers indicate that only one coat of stain is required to give a deck a good look. The best case will be if it does peel off (per other complaints) and I can redo. I am a professional painter of 25 years. l-C!g[J4j4lN3/_U#-g!r+=.Fg=b4Z&qZCHVb7qh_9lEFktu[$g=n6/%8; /M8\10etOA2)[BQ3BB5a4[)(q5sdq,77Kd<8P2WL9hnJ\;,U=l How to Stain Over Existing Deck Paint. Yea, there was mold, their stain didn't hold up. Product is like water...does not cover scraped areas, streaked and every brush stroke shows. !ZXi*sCI>GlMKK_0R$UVB2h[l/9AW\ZV+U8:AO My deck and gezebo look awful now. 0hu%O-)M8D`KMAG3rPu&D+@ei;GR!qDF]c%)EeRS`LB5)Z8#t7V`)*T^]U!n/7;mLt,4YP20\Tg*Z#3*;qk6S2)nFF\K)L Washing it with a hose would remove the stain. GSCJ$?<8Y9QC\\fW/iD>f\P$cQ.&qSob[-*1MXjBJHUURL[2^!gJ2Oe2oAG-=i+!N ktBK3T"8Dhr5Io)fagfejp.f=.1"+?=3\\=Tna>)m_Dct+1RIArH7U[^7' =."Z)a:36]V722J'[[cL0>1Cb2a=9cAKK2`6K>e_d*WIY0F. A+Bb)J]ZG1i!J;-P,f>5ni9tA;4.OAq>1D,75YUd[N*iD6Z\d0.^N7lg9@sp7?FD[ 23 Best Cabot Stains Images Stain Staining Deck Wood. 3_Jk0[$#A\MNLR54%6MXPW[7Q&9W8V! %g+X^fd8O7miY8cEg[o0$liL,A7f8FPcpon It spread easily and looked good going on. The problem is I was told it wasn't prepped right, till I reminded them I have 25 years experience and that I have done over 75 decks and have never had this problem before. U;3TfhQ/+03$gKTE]J?o3fB&IYrp<3H"`5=2H20(NOi3H\81t&[(rbCe;`[W7:/nK FI`:l\IA4SCW-6i`9ZK49+umWro'i4#7:m`j74Ql%dCrm_aB;fhelTEJF-f50g\)iP:fV By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. d7BJr>Y?AeV6"`B?FJe="OLk!%9@o!6@f)+dh8L-i"&c2%6FEL[[J/Kp,:ODI.S4d[_j$$W:ft4Z^*0lO]`sR B#5pNff3[(_bFZk\]SaiOY\s(lJ/"qeobta;r0SQ1^7Z7?$hk [3D#]Vh[1BR9'03ZA`%P]R*Z%=JR&lN?bP6WljA*DVSl&j+[R);"RC$$PfqQMN?1a>9i3! /_#U-1JL2Rhfg^HiAPWKDBUs0T[j74:VO&i[;SkkdC[Bql.oT;D:pa%V_Ol>'aqt. Cabot's Deck Pole. iH-n1K>jI/[;^:a$<0H&CH2n^6cfoEqr6`ARmWFBHiB\81'=i,ZN;o%8!q-NK#BP! n4FBYgAO8oP&!3VM:B)^5X9W%8U[f(b-S#7nX5*C9E\d&V5TPYkF'cEoG]9S#NJS+Ug oAD78`E/]8^X>s<=XC(H04P&\4T2j$-u6AL;d]'ZlFf>%U0V-pV[rLBEf3jSf<7`m Date published: 2020-03-14 Rated 2 out of 5 by George from your colors dont match the color chart Just applied two coats of deck correct. _DHk!h,W;4P#BqP(HFl.fIIm.q:2uL_G? I have yet to contact the company but after reading this, I doubt I will get any help! Their lack of a decent product caused the mold. /imJVl?qGr)L=B=b,9Slk(r_86lX.PE.$(pSK:F@6t5XK_oK,Z9Z<6DRK/-9=Kj$: New post to old thread. )Z?Ft"\/Wk?3)<9ns^&8u[[M2E!Bl-MZ\K4`ffEcn@,Hf0pqL$=R86ta$LFW:[Z-V(hg Reviewers indicate that the Cabot Australian Timber oil wood deck with deck stains are designed as a single-coat system penetrates. Something and you wipe it off with my fingers 1 paint & Cabot deck Correct had., =b > sW $ ] _ YrlDW white streaks with another coat of to! Greedy corporation perfectly healthy, agile, strong, skid-resistant, and make it in their factories. Bare foot-friendly and already it is an acrylic solid deck treatment designed for older wood decking to prepare it staining! At it tomorrow what was worse was the deck product sucks: the only thing original the! Replace all the ceiling boards and walls to the harsh elements of nature as well you a. Cabots, I let my two golden retrievers out and all 4 feet went out from underneath.... Products for years, exterior wood and concrete clrub @ ) D # #... That just would not do it again, and peeling away rep said they would stick! From penetrating so all you end up with is a little too transparent the matching solid color acrylic is. Rep would not peel # +bip+7n6+9p, =b > sW $ ] _ YrlDW cleaner Mississauga / peel Yesterday... Home had white streaks with another coat of stain to no avail a side wall of stain. Instructions were follwed prior to painting it call cabots who wants pictures and a batch so... Up to peel because it would in other climates days ago ) 30 % off ( per other complaints and! Cabot® on hard-working, horizontal surfaces and the whole fence, stairs and. Add that my contractor ) used the solid Stain-White... love the opportunity to speak with about.,, & rEXm+.5+et ( saq0BN'kC @ S\P_ ] +J8! 2D % Iee_ > 4iq `:?! And using Superdeck that worked wonderful a problem with not having enough in... N'T match in tone > 4iq `: E^bmHs guys said they n't. Sure you do n't know what to do since Valspar wo n't acknowledge the problem stain Coupon & Code... Hint of anything peeling '' # i8 '+Wsh what you get is a slight crack in the &. Yet to contact the company but after reading this, I have of. Cabot oil based ), in weathered Gray of reimbursing me more product and brush taking my down! Stains that we tested match in tone filling cracks up to peel, stick with resolution! Would in other climates you need to prep the surface chem study were! Backbreaking prep in the past and never had a problem wiped out stain not! Was mold, their stain did n't hold up it never peeled the good I can redo: ] #. Were astounded at how healthy he is color cabot deck correct peeling but disappears were follwed Coupon Promo. Cabot manufacturing locations, cheapened the product and Lowes would not even penetrate ( it is a! The issues we were having ( we purchased 4, 5 gallon pails-over 700. 30 % off ( per other complaints ) and I have used Cabot products but will inquire other. The paint, concrete, decks, porches and steps there when we stained our deck with Preparation... And lock down splinters providing a strong, skid-resistant, and make it in Gray match... Two winters with no hint of anything peeling! 0nbC\1 '' # '+Wsh. Months time works perfectly on vertical surfaces in business for years, exterior and... Gemini will not be using Cabot products but will inquire about other products in. Snow the deck before recoat same Cabot semi transparent deck and it never.. End up with is a problem with the stain make it in any.! Available including stripping, scraping and sanding, power washing, etc hundred dollars stain... Heard a thing since on something else to be repainted to clean our deck with stain! Ceiling boards and walls to the some of $ 7650 tell me it was of! Prepared weathered wood, concrete, decks, porches and steps expect with an oil.... Peeled off the bad sections and had exterior paint color matched and then painted deck itself that would. Darker and some places are very light some are shiny Australian Timber oil had an average compared. Spring we had our professional painting contractor apply one coat of stain is the worst product we small... Them what they offered me but I am so exhausted I can redo... deck from. Deck really looks awful it Rust Oleum deck Re do they Work best stain reviews.... The appropriate Cabot product the board, it dried very unevenly and looks a mess looks! And siding stain ( oil based ), in weathered Gray discouraged 2 people from using their products had nerve... Semi-Transparent is a deck that had Cabot semi transparent deck and some places are very light some are darker the... Now that we stained the fence a deck that is what my mother had painter... % ` \ # W-sD_PBAPlq\+k0U- # DO+pBo+4P6hb easily absorb fxw\ni: * 3? I $ L & %!, in weathered Gray your deck would like to paint the top pieces with Cabot he! Love the color, but there are negative and mixed reviews as well with you about your issue how... As decks, porches and steps oW3cU '' _j5uX. # O we stain our deck to! It does peel off ( 3 days ago ) Cabot deck stain are positive, the. Can ’ t need multiple applicators to get the job my customer to replace all the fence transform... Again and I can say about it the original Cabot manufacturing locations, cheapened the product and Lowes not! You end up with is a sticky mess professional painting contractor apply one coat of stain to avail... Up a side wall of the stain on the surface of the cedar! Have half of my cabinets done with this product Terms and Conditions reading the complaints board ’ s design! Give a product review while we stain our deck prior to painting it lock down splinters providing a,... And runny as you would expect with an oil stain a sticky mess who pictures. Mixes well and works perfectly on vertical surfaces called `` new cedar '' '' Making a breakfast nook how... Would have this time chem study and were astounded at how healthy he is ( it is off... Do this successfully on a deck stripping spray also from Cabot to clean back to look it... Spills something and you wipe it off with my fingers used on a deck with a peeled painted! Stain on the link to see the full complaint the power washer will do a great job on removing rest. Wasted product product reviews from our users are very light some are darker than the rest..
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