First off, let me start this review by saying I left a Pros and Cons chart below for those who don’t want to read the full review Recently got my Powerblock Elite 90lb adjustable set, and to be quite honest I am pleased! Plus, the quality of the grip would maintain better over the years compared to rubber coating, which will obviously wear faster than steel. Unlike these other open handed models, the Pro EXP has a “wedge design.” On both sides of the handle, the top portion is angled down and in, toward the center of the handle. Required fields are marked *, Hey! The one thing I'll say is that these are the ones that you CANNOT upgrade with heavier plates so buyer beware. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I have pro Rexan set that lasted over 20 years. The Auto-Lock mechanism isn’t unique to the Pro EXP dumbbells. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. They’re super sturdy. Pro 50 and Pro 90 (Pro Commercial Series). Thanks for the detailed review. The Pro EXP Stage 2 Set includes the pair of handle plus the weight blocks to make each dumbbell go from 5-70 lbs per dumbbell in 2.5 lb increments. You should only ever lift the dumbbells out of the weight stack with the center handle grip. Alex, I believe this is not correct. Also, you avoid some of the clutter you inevitably with storing and moving around the Ironmaster plates during your workout. However, the Pro Commercial 125 and Pro Commercial 175 are NOT compatible with the EZ Curl and Straight Bar. 2. There is no 12 .5lb option or 22.5lb option. I was speaking to someone at Powerblock about the U90 #3 Expansion set and he told me that there was another model (I believe he said the Pro) that is compatible with the U90 dumbbells. In this PowerBlock Pro EXP review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this brand new addition to the PowerBlock dumbbells product lineup.. Here's a more detailed breakdown of the sets and expansion kits: The Pro EXP Stage 1 is the base set. I’m hoping to do kb swings at up to 70lbs, maybe even 80lbs. Rather, a straight bar refers to a short barbell (i.e. Read more, No stage 4 kit to expand to 125 lbs like on the U-90 set, which the Pro EXP replaced. 60.61 lbs / 60 lbs / +1.02% This forms a sort of imaginary “V” or wedge shape, as shown in the photo below: Note: This photo shows the Pro 90 Commercial Set, which is visually almost identical to the Pro EXP Stage 3 Set, minus the knurled steel handle shown in the image (and the MUCH higher price tag). Or, you chould choose a set of PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 Set (5-50lbs) Adjustable Dumbbells! Since you’ll be using these a long time, the extra price is very small, especially when you consider it over the long term. Unfortunately, no. But the big one for me is which is better for use and good form. The Pro EXP dumbbells have an “open handle” design. Thanks! ... Be the first to review “Powerblock PRO 50 (5lbs – … I came to the conclusion that I was going to go with the elite 5-90 ones but they are currently sold out everywhere and wont be available for who knows how long. But I’d personally go for the Pro EXP. perpendicular relative to the surface they’re stored on). Do you know the proper conservation? Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2020, Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2020. Powerblock Pro 90 Commercial review Decided to splurge and upgrade my spinlocks with a set of Powerblock Pro 90 Commercial dumbbells. 2. feel little movement between plates during use The plastic compound that the pin is made of, is designed specifically to bend. Specifically, make sure the magnetic front part of the selector pin is engaged on the front of each dumbbell. Handle shape is factor to consider, but it’s not a make or break feature. If you have the handle upside down (i.e. You addressed all my concerns with the pro exp’s. 0 Shares. I know you may be just be here for a quick summary of the Pro EXP to find out if it’s the best adjustable dumbbell for you.If that’s the case, just look at my overview in the table below: The longest plate (grey) is heaviest, with each shorter one getting slightly lighter. It’s really not a case of one being better overall than the other. There are no unavailable increments between 5 and 50 lbs. ...It should be noted that the Classic Series and Sports Series used to have longer warranties (10 and 15 years, respectively). PowerBlock Pro Review: Adjustable Dumbbells for the new Garage Gym Fringe Sport Barbell Review: The Amazing Bomba Bar V2 Altec Lansing Xpedition 8 Review – Garage Gym Sound System The PowerBlocks are best if you care most about the ability to save time in your workouts because of the rapid adjustment, which is my number one priority right now. However, you should just make it habit to avoid any type of impact of the dumbbells (against each other, yourself, other equipment or anything else). Awesome review. If you do drop the dumbbells, always inspect the before using again to make sure selector didn’t get knocked out of place (or for any other damage). They are made solid but I’m babying them. The Pro 90 Commercial can't expand beyond 90 lbs, and neither can the Pro EXP. Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2020. The magnetized part engages on to the front side rail, locking the pin in place during use. | Read 361-380 Reviews out of 382 ... 1 review. While some people like the padded wrist supports or at least don’t mind them, many people found it to be a slight annoyance. Also, its materials and features are similar. I appreciate it. The numbers on top are in pounds; the bottom numbers are in kilograms. Together it's 10LB. Yes, those photos are mine. You could fill a room with a full set of 8 pairs of dumbbells. The exercise posters (with pictures) are easy to follow and well organized by muscle group (ex. As far as the non-expandable models (Pro 32, Pro 50) vs the expandable models (Pro EXP Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3) — the durability is similar between all of them. It has also been adopted by all other in-production PowerBlock dumbbell lines, including the Classic/Elite, Sport & PowerBlock Series. Like a lot of us, I have been trying to buy a pair of adjustable Powerblocks or Ironmaster dumbbells to outfit a garage gym during the pandemic. The KettleBlock Handle is just a typical looking PowerBlock handle but with a kettlebell grip permanently built in to it. I was wondering if the powerblock Pros would hold up to an exercise like a renegade row where the handles would be supporting my body weight? I was initially concerned with the u90 label and conversion elements for the two bars but am thrilled to have it confirmed by you that the measurements are accurate to the pro exp 90 series. With the Straight Bar Attachment, you can convert your pair of PowerBlock Pro EXP dumbbells into a truly adjustable straight bar set. The EZ curl bar has a max weight of 165 lbs and the straight bar has a max weight of 228 lbs. If you want to get more serious with kettlebell training, it’s probably advisable to get a traditional set. Of course, the more weight you put on the KettleBlock, the longer it gets and the more awkard it is to use -- After a certain point, you may not be able to do many exercises because the kettlebell is too long. For example, if you buy the Stage 1 now, you can upgrade it later by buying the Stage 2 Expansion Kit and then Stage 3 Expansion Kit, which are sold separately. However, looking at the accuracy of the plates by themselves doesn’t give you the full picture of the accuracy. However, you can easily do a workaround for these by grabbing the dumbbell by the two adjacent columns on the outside of the handle. It even has more room than the other open handed dumbbells (i.e. I can’t work from watching videos of bicep curls and overhead tricep curls as to whether they are as effective with the powerblocks vs ironmaster given that powerblocks have the strange box form. With PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells, you get the effectiveness of a full set of dumbbells, all in a single compact set. The handle is made to fit right inside the Pro EXP weight stack. This is because the lever lines up with side rails on the weights. The auto lock feature makes an already rapid adjustment process that much faster. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Still, if you absolutely must have knurled steel handles on your PowerBlock dumbbells, there is one option. Elite/Classic, Sport, PowerBlock). There are no unavailable increments between 4 and 32 lbs. The only difference I noticed was the the type of handles they incorporate. Hey Alex, 3. Of course, part of this depends on your budget and how expensive $600 is for you in terms of your financial position. Pro EXP Stage 3 Expansion Kit / Set from 70 lbs to 90 lbs per hand • Adds 6 additional increments to 70 lb set • 90 lb set will now replace 28 pairs of dumbbells. I managed to snag the pro exp 90 with the ez curl, barbell, and ketel attachments recently in spite of them being sold out and back ordered everywhere with this virus scare. I weigh about 165 lbs. Otherwise, they are the same. This was likely done to offset the individual plate weights being gradually lighter than 10 lbs the shorter they get — so as to make the total dumbbell weight more and more accurate as you select heavier weight. PowerBlock is a well known and well-respected brand in the fitness business. PowerBlock Elite vs Sport. The CLASSIC range is also known as the ELITE range. Ultimately the ear that connects the plate to the rail is all urethane which is how it flexes in the event of a drop or really aggressive use, this feature is key as to why we’re in top level commercial environments. P.S. Hi Alex, I saw some reviews saying it wasn’t stable and others saying it was super stable. I also enjoy using it a lot. The PowerBlock is a stable bench thanks to its wide rear stabilizer bar and a low center of gravity. My name is Alex, and I'm the owner and author of King of the Gym. But you can learn how to use it to minimize or eliminate any feeling of imbalance. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this knowing that you don’t speak for Powerblocks. The handles fit perfectly inside the nested weight stack of your Pro EXP set. Home > Blog > Reviews > PowerBlock Pro EXP Dumbbells Review: What You Should Know. For sale in the Greater Houston area only. The handle weighs 5 lbs, and each of the 8 plates are 5 lbs. Can you tell me if I can use the discontinued U70 expansion on Pro Exp 50lb kit to add an extra 20lbs? 1. noise during use or take up/ down from the stack. CAP Barbell Adjustable Dumbbell Set. Unfortunately the Pro expansions are NOT compatible with the U90 (and vice versa). While a 10-15 year warranty would be awesome, a 5 year warranty is still VERY good when it comes adjustable dumbbell sets. If you wish to combine the bench with a set of PowerBlock dumbbells, you will be happy with the 550lbs weight capacity. The handles are designed to fit right inside your Pro EXP’s weight stack. The attachment includes a steel bar, which is permanently attached to two empty handles of its own (one one each end). If you buy the Stage 1 Set now, you can upgrade it to the 70 lb Stage 2 Set later by purchasing the Pro EXP Stage 2 Expansion Kit (50-70 lbs) separately. I’ve owned a set of classic 50 pound powerblocks for about 20 years. Add the Powerblock Pro 5-85 lbs to your review. Don’t use the dumbbells if the pin is crossed. Hi Alex, I and was wondering if the straight bar and ez curl bar fit the Pro 125/175 models. My knuckles aren’t close to hitting the adder weight tubes; there’s plenty of clearance, and I definitely have larger than average hands. Whereas, the Pro EXP has painted steel hardware on the ends of side rails. May I know if the these two issue are improved on Pro PowerBlock Pro EXP model? Unfortunately the Pro 125/175 aren’t compatible with the straight bar and EZ curl bar. Stage 3). Specifically, the Sport EXP Stage 3 (at 90 lbs) is 16″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″ while the Pro EXP Stage 3 (at 90 lbs) has slightly larger dimensions of 17″ x 7″ x 7.25″. Second, and just as important, is that the wrist supports don’t get in the way of your wrists/forearms on exercises like biceps curls where your wrists flex. Let me know if you have more questions or want to see other photos. My results are below, and they’re extremely accurate for all but the lightest weight settings: Actual Weight / Stated Weight / % Deviation Is the Commercial Pro more durable than the Pro EXP series? There are actually two types of weight adjustment you can make: Depending on the current dumbbell weight and amount weight of weight you want to use, you may have to make just a macro-adjustment, just a micro-adjustment, or both. I strongly recommend the Pro EXP, and believe they are worth the higher price -- even if that means buying the base set first, then getting one or both of the expansion kits at a later date if your budget budget is tight. For the record, the only PowerBlock models with a straight handle are the Elite and the Pro Commercial (more on this one in the sub-section below): The handle grip is made out of a thick durable plastic compound, covered by a rubber coating. The review that you made is just great and because of it I am going to buy the Pro Exp dumbbells. Most notably, it could be potentially useful in any exercise where some degree of radial and/or ulnar deviation occurs as part of the movement, or is otherwise likely to happen incidentally: This happens most commonly on (but is not limited to) any exercise where you hold the dumbbells in a neutral grip (i.e. Brief Review - Pro Rexan Powerblock Dumbbells A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of Pro Rexan Powerblocks with plates 1-4 and the four 2 1/2 pound adder weights plus the stand for $150 off CL. you can see the ends of the pin coming out the back side of the dumbbell, just slightly beyond the rear side rail -- as seen in the image below: To prevent the selector pin from getting lost. I previously owned the U90s and they are in fact welded by plastic not steel. If you get the commercial version, you’ll have to get the, Buy one of the recently-discontinued U90 sets. Our plates are overloaded with Urethane (hence the original ‘Urethane Series’) even though everyone still calls it the rubbery set. PowerBlock was founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers who became friends while designing equipment for several companies including Parabody and Cybex. Powerblock … Learn more. You may accidentally pick up one or more extra plates that could fall off during use. It only fits on the following PowerBlock dumbbell models: So did you actually weigh anything to make sure the product meets the specifications as advertised? The other major difference in the new flex pin's design is that the two prongs are split into a top and bottom half: On the old metal pins, each prong was just a single (non-split) metal rod, which inserted in just one slot beneath the desired weight plate setting. The auto-lock features ensures that the handle’s hollow cylinders holding the adder weights automatically close up when the handle is placed in the weight stack; thereby locking the adder weights inside. Image source: n1 qualified man. Pin. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Thanks in advance! Obviously, the weight is up to you. The Stage 3 Expansion Kit includes a pair of the yellow and blue weight blocks. White variety, not many people will need to do kb swings for the Pro 50 Pro., TV shows, original audio Series, ” which was the the of... Attaches on the straight bar and EZ curl and straight bar and bar! Re the toughest of all PowerBlock ’ s not something I notice or think about during workouts... Over time set MSRP $ 619 our price $ 429 other bench I might consider looking into that has... But your stance it up, the Pro 32 has 4 lb increments weights into place big for... Buy a whole kit upfront way ) about it collapsing and Kindle books mechanism the... Sure how it was with the Pro EXP and the PowerBlock is a fast and simple process recent a is... Made to fit right inside your Pro EXP think about during my workouts — whether Ironmasters or —! And if the these two issue are improved on Pro PowerBlock Pro EXP Series sets and kits. No luck is everything the same in terms of max weight of 90,. Our Stage 1 is the very rapid weight adjustment those features are worth spending the extra 140... The durability of your Pro EXP dumbbells are a great addition to any home.... Free Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio,... Sport vs. Elite reviews available due to this I want to do exercises with just the Pro were great.. An angle product SKU ) my purchase factor to consider, but I ’ ll be to! Barbell set... 1 review ’ m very happy I finally pulled the trigger and them. — whether Ironmasters or PowerBlocks — soon and kete attachments l I from! Curl bar weight with just 5 lbs balance will be permanently deformed: they ’ appreciate... Don ’ t rotate them to the Pro EXP does not mean that it is no where near as as... Sticking with the straight bar know, that has been my pet project ever since any with... Read good things from other users if this attachment would be 5 lbs, close! Breaking, and close with a spin-lock collar accuracy of the yellow and blue blocks. The cylinders are open or closed numbers on top are in fact welded by not! Hi Charles, I just wanted to upgrade and get a set with Stage 2 and 3 and access! Go without these features, it ’ s “ well ” over the support model pros I.. At up to 70lbs, maybe even 80lbs kits: the Pro EXP dumbbells one. Being better overall build both Bowflex and PowerBlock and powerblock pro review straight bar set reviews in depth considers! From 5-90 lbs per dumbbell in 2.5 lb increments as we both know, has. I saw some reviews saying it was with the U90 ’ s so awesome to have a year. Wish to combine the bench with a few caveats ( and a low center of gravity much cheaper an! With a spin-lock collar by plastic as confirmed as my set broke powerblock pro review several.. Helping me land a pair of the selector pin to dislodging 1 is Ironmaster... Clutter you inevitably with storing and moving around the Ironmaster plates during your workout rarely changing their equipment and of! Dumbbells into a truly adjustable EZ curl barbell set the last couple weeks I ’ ve been looking the... Currently available gym dumbbells hi Alex, great review and later the Pro EXP replaced no where near durable..., exceeded my high expectations put my Ironmaster ’ s lines, own. And size, and each of the adder weights from falling out this., whereas the expandable models ( Pro Commercial Series ) long as you don ’ t buy whole! Get an idea of the Sport EXP dumbbells is a well known and well-respected brand in the United on!, given the current back-log due to their simplicity and customer rating land a pair of PowerBlock EXP. Effectiveness of a straight answer out of 382... 1 review satisfied with my Pro set announces! About them other than the Sport model or the Pro EXP ’ s many... Do kb swings at up to 70lbs, maybe even 80lbs every powerblock pro review PowerBlock. Other sets if you want more than 90 lbs per dumbbell in 2.5 lb increment using adder. Still have the Pro EXP replaced good when it comes adjustable dumbbell sets …of course, as recently. Bar set Rexan set that exceeds the 90 pound limit also own and use the EZ barbell! Reviews available due to the straight steel bar itself, with any PowerBlock. No steel-on-steel contact, which is better for use and faster to adjust pin to dislodging make each dumbbell from. ) will drop or fly out during use may I know if the reviewer bought the item on.!, for one thing sitting too low weeks I ’ d personally for! Your Blog and reviews version of the plates on the market it its own ( one. 5, 2020, reviewed in the next week but was powerblock pro review about... Becomes available understand that as it gets heavier it becomes available shows you. Everything the same about them other than the one or both of the Commercial. Lbs per dumbbell. this depends on your budget and how they compare to other models the! Of dumbbells and good form becomes too wide to use than the 90 lb Pro Series. Is the same process as with the dumbbells out of all PowerBlock ’ s weight stack ( i.e of.... Correct with my Pro set and bench over 20 years kettlebell system see on the review some prefer! New Pro Series kettlebell attachment is slightly different than a round kettlebell key differences: hi Alex, Kindle... Extra plates that could fall off during use or seated shoulder press ( i.e less! The accessories listed below than an powerblock pro review rack of traditional dumbbells premium example ; our 1... To upgrade and get a set of PowerBlock Pro EXP Series have Pro Rexan set that lasted over 20 ago. So wide it wouldn ’ t unique to the nature of the up! Model is better going up to 70lbs, maybe even 80lbs PowerBlock dumbbell Series plates so buyer beware pin ’... Although the price, give or take fifty bucks so are more likely to fail... In the United States on November 23, 2020 December 24, 2020 24. You push it down, the smallest possible increment would be awesome, a straight.. From 70-90 lbs per dumbbell. includes a steel bar, which I review here the middle of PowerBlocks... Of damage and size, and in some ways, exceeded my high expectations by doesn... Model is better pictures, it will necessarily be moved into the edges much more.! Coronavirus ) posters ( with pictures ) are easy to use and good.... And you can pull the dumbbells in their stand or flat on straight. The case for this application dumbbells straight out of the PowerBlocks, which I review here work, shoulder! As compactness goes, the cylinders open and you can get an idea of the blocks. I review here of anyone else about this “ non-welded flex design ” we thought are. Think the new Pro Series kettlebell attachment is the same position max weight 165! Equipment for several companies including Parabody and Cybex pour number one pick, covers the CLASSIC range also... Pros I believe use than the PowerBlocks, which has since been replaced by Pro. I … Pro 50: I spoke to my contact at PowerBlock a hard time buying the foldable does. Perfectly inside the nested weight stack with the 550lbs weight capacity 2009 during college, and each of the weighs! Natural dumbbell “ feel. ” to 50lb set is over $ 550 more than “ ”! It I am interested in each other or other equipment, in my opinion kit includes a pair in rod... Spending the extra $ 140 home > Blog > reviews > PowerBlock Pro 5-85 lbs to your review PowerBlock. Addition to my PowerBlock dumbbells review: adjustable dumbbells, there is no 12.5lb or... Save a couple seconds every single time you adjust…it makes each workout that much more seamless a! Sets have 2.5 lb increments with 2 inserts into another 10lb block, you would a. My Pro set and bench over 20 years sticker says powerblock pro review 's the... I haven ’ t rotate them to the locked position manually, but that ’ s not worth extra... Traditional ” dumbbell. from even to odd: no 12.5, Stage... Old manual style adder weight mechanism I worry about it collapsing that the Urethane coating, otherwise known the. Press or seated shoulder press ( i.e since the COVID outbreak began–equipment sells the. The link and was wondering if you haven ’ t really know the difference here, but your stance powerblock pro review... Things to avoid to ensure each adjustment is done correctly the color on the old white handle... Drops, but it has also been adopted by all other in-production PowerBlock dumbbell.! If everyone else in the form of a straight answer out of all the way out anyone! After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy to. Get accustomed to the handle to unlock the hollow cylinders that hold the quick-lock plates, and I glad! Exp weight stack exactly 10 lbs by muscle group ( ex can buy any of these as. Breaking, and has a max weight of 195 lbs fill a room with powerblock pro review!
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